14) Video Preserves Memories!

In 35 Things Learned in 35 Years by djscottshirley

35 Things Learned in 35 Years # 14

Every Celebration should be recorded on Video!

I reached this conclusion long before YouTube was conceived. The ability to record and replay the sights and sounds of your life is powerful.

When you are the star of the show, as at your Wedding, Anniversary, or Birthday celebration, you are “LIFO” – Last In, First Out. You see less of the event than any of the guests do.

[wpvideo nBDav3Xd]

A video camera will capture those moments. But without a video recording, the Guest of Honor misses an awful lot. The Bride and Groom would have completely missed the moment above without videography.

Meredith Liewehr, publisher of the Perfect Wedding Guide in the Dallas-Fort Worth market, says if she had one thing for a “do-over” at her own wedding, it would have been to hire a professional videographer. Too much is lost without it! There was a moment where she almost tripped on her gown in the aisle, that would be priceless if her children could see it now – but it’s lost forever.

When I got married, professional videographers were scarce; in fact, they were hard to find. We had a friend record our wedding, using a single VHS camcorder borrowed from his office. While I wouldn’t trade that recording for anything – it’s 26 years old, and to me and my lovely wife, it’s gold – it does show a rather unfortunate camera angle, where I recite vows to a beautiful gown, with a potted plant where my wife’s head should be. A pro would have used multiple cameras, and caught that scene from the other side.

A professional video of your wedding from PM Celebrations captures a priceless memory. But if you have to cut your budget, at the very least, get a friend to record your vows, as my wife and I did. It will mean a lot to you in later years, and can save a marriage.