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Everyone knows a DJ. At least, we all know someone who claims to be a DJ.

If you search “Dallas Fort Worth DJ” on Google, you will get more than 3,600 hits. Of that number, about 50 are active members of the local American DJ Association chapter, and only half of those are professionals…meaning that they earn their living as DJs. All the rest are part-time or hobby DJs, many with little or no experience.

So how do you get to be a DJ? Print a business card. Or make a website. Or just say you are a DJ. Really, that’s all it takes. You don’t even need to own equipment, it can be rented. And many wanna-be start-up DJs illegally download all their music off the Internet.

No license is required. There are no barriers to entry to this profession. Which is fine, it’s what American free enterprise is all about, and we all had to start somewhere. Most of the top professionals started out playing at parties for friends using minimal sound equipment.

And if you just want someone to bring a sound system to your party and play tunes, and you’re not too picky about what music is played, you might get by with a hobby DJ.

Never let an amateur monkey with your special event!

Never let an amateur monkey with your special event!

But when it comes to the special once-in-your-life celebrations, can you trust an amateur to get everything right? When you need a talented Master of Ceremonies for your wedding, reunion, bar mitzvah, or anniversary party, you clearly need more than “just a DJ.”

Professional entertainers live off of referrals. They must do an outstanding job to put food on the table, and must get it right every time.

Top professionals have the experience to help you plan your event, and can suggest ways to create memorable moments and an overall fun experience for all your guests. A pro can provide sound reinforcement and lighting for any size venue, and has the experience and gear to make any room sound good, without any echo or feedback.

Top professionals have insurance, written contracts, and extensive references. They have backups and contingency plans for hardware, software, transportation and staffing. Top professionals will do whatever it takes to make your event a success.

Professional Entertainers are well known by the top planners and venue managers, and are recommended by them. And the top professionals know each other.

Any time The Party Machine is booked up for an event, we will refer our clients to one of the top 10 professional entertainers in the area. The other 3,590 on the Google search are not up to our standards, and cannot provide the same level of service our clients deserve.