PM Celebrations has been an industry leader and pioneer in entertainment lighting since 1976! Whether it’s minimal Up-Lighting for a reception, or transforming your ballroom into a rave-style nightclub, the experienced lighting designers at PM Celebrations can “light Up The Night” for you! Many lighting installations are available totally wireless.

Most event clients select a combination of Up-Lighting, Pattern-Wash, and Monogram Projection. Here is a sampling of our most popular lighting:

Up-Lighting Systems:   $500 and up

Featuring the latest wireless LED fixtures, remote DMX computer control. PM Celebrations can light a simple background wall, or wash the area’s largest banquet rooms with beautiful color. HOT: PM Celebrations now offers several unique multi-beam effects! We also have small Up-Lighting systems available for rental.

“Your Name In Lights” Monogram Projection:     Any Custom design     $250

Moving Monograms:    Hottest thing going!      Any Custom design     $250

Pattern Wash on Dance Floor:        A PM exclusive!        $200

Pattern Projection:      call for quote.    Multiple designs can be projected on walls, floor, and ceiling to create any environment you can imagine. Popular for theme parties, and a cost-effective way to turn any room into a dreamscape.

Pinspot Lighting of Table Centerpieces:      Show off that floral art!       From $25 to $40 per table

Club-Style Dance Lighting:  Several styles and packages (including wireless) from $400 to $3,000

Effect Lighting:     Want to create a unique environment? PM Effect Lighting can create the look of fire, ice, a tropical paradise, a winter wonderland, or an underwater cave.

Video Mapping:      The latest rage! Computer-generated images can be projected over entire walls to create exotic illusions. The look and feel of your environment can be changed for different stages of your event. Call us to discuss the creative possibilities!

Mirror Ball and Spotlights:     Long before being associated with the Disco craze of the 1970s, motorized Mirror Balls reflected beams of light around ballrooms since the Big Band era. A mirror ball makes a prominent appearance in the 1939 film Casablanca. PM Celebrations has several sizes and options for creating this classic effect.