So what is the difference between PM Celebrations and all the rest?

Experience, Reliability, and Passion.

Experience: PM Celebrations has more experience than anyone in the industry! Originally started in 1976, PM entertainers have performed for more people in more places than anyone else in the business. But it’s the experience that you and your guests will have that is most important to us. We are committed to do “whatever it takes” to make that experience amazing, so you will recommend us to all you know.

Reliability: PM Celebrations has a perfect record for reliability! Since 1976, we have never started an event late, and have never had a wedding delayed by an equipment malfunction. Period. No other major entertainment vendor has our perfect record. Electronics and machinery will fail sooner or later, so we never take chances, and always have backups in place for when (not if) it happens. And we don’t just have backup equipment, but also backup music, transportation, staff, and procedures. When Murphy’s Law attacks, and things go wrong, we always have Plan B in place and ready to switch over. You and your guests will never know anything happened. The show must go on!

Passion:  We love what we do, have fun doing it, and our passion shows in every aspect of our performance. We take a sincere interest in our clients and in the success of their events, whether it’s a wedding, a charity fund-raiser, or a themed birthday party, and we pour all our energy, resources, and enthusiasm into making it just the way they want it.

Our Experience, Reliability, and Passion are what makes our clients so fiercely loyal! We have business customers we have performed 40 events for, and four different families for whom we have done five or more weddings and family events!

PLEASE check our references!* Our clients are the greatest people in the world, and will gladly tell you how our experience, reliability, and passion made their events successful. Read their testimonials.


*Contact information by request. We respect the privacy of our clients, and therefore do not list their info on the Internet, but will send a list with phone and e-mail contact information.