Flaming Bridesmaids – Who Hasn’t Done That Before?

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The event was the 2008 Southwest Entertainer’s Conference, sponsored by the DFW chapter of the American DJ Association. The top mobile entertainers from 5 states were in attendance.

After an intense day of presentations on everything from DMX lighting to better blogging and bookkeeping, we were treated to an excellent sit-down dinner. My lovely wife Brenda joined us for dinner, and we were seated with Peter and Lisa Merry, Jon Stricklan, Meredith Liewehr, owner of the local Perfect Wedding Guide franchise, and her husband Jason, and two other top DJ entertainers. The dinner conversation was lively, as only a group of extroverted professional Party Animals can be.

At a lull in the conversation, I popped the question to our table: What’s the weirdest thing that has ever happened at a wedding you were working?

Peter Merry, past ADJA National president and author of “The Best Wedding Reception – Ever!,” was quick to answer: “Well, I had a bridesmaid catch on fire!”

My single friends always ask if there were any hot bridesmaids at the wedding!

My single friends always ask if there were any hot bridesmaids at the wedding!

Now in any normal group of people, that would have gotten a big laugh. But this was what stand-up comics would call a “tough room.” These were experienced entertainers.

Instead of laughter, we all responded, “Well, yeah, I’ve done that, who hasn’t done that before?”

Then I shared my pulling the bride’s leg story, (read it here) and trumped them all.

Peter was our after-dinner speaker, and used this as his opening joke. A good time was had by all, and no injuries were reported.

I’m not just pulling your leg.