I Say A Little Prayer For You…

In Weddings! by djscottshirley

It was a beautiful day for a garden wedding, especially at Chandor Gardens, which were in full bloom for Andrea and Kevin’s event.

They recited their vows in front of the garden pond, and as they were declared husband and wife, the fountains erupted in a dramatic display. They ran down the grassy “aisle” as I played Natalie Cole’s “This Will Be An Everlasting Love.”

Mr and Mrs Kevin Bleeker!  photo by Susan McKinney

Mr and Mrs Kevin Bleeker! photo by Susan McKinney

In a word, it was…Perfect.

The guests ambled to the reception area, and photographer Susan McKinney took some amazing pictures in the gardens as guests enjoyed passed hors d’oeuvres. When the wedding party returned and it was time for dinner to be served, I went to deliver a wireless microphone for the invocation…but the minister was gone.

As Andrea’s mother began to show signs of anxiety, I assured her that this was no problem, that I would be happy to deliver the invocation. Her response was a combination of surprise and relief: “Oh could you do that? That would be great!”

So I said the prayer, and dinner was served, and all went according to plan.

Still, I felt somewhat disturbed that anyone would be surprised that a wedding MC could say a prayer! The fact is, lots of people should have been able to step up and say a prayer, but a professional entertainer should be prepared to do whatever it takes.