Tips for Toasting

In Professionalism, Weddings! by djscottshirley

Psychologists tell us that speaking in public is one of our biggest fears, second only to visiting the dentist.

But it doesn’t have to be. While it’s natural to be nervous about speaking before a group of people, a few simple tips can make it much easier.

Incredibly obvious Rule # 1: Don’t Get Drunk

This advice seems like it should be unnecessary, but the worst toasts at events seem to be alcohol induced. If you need a drink to calm your nerves, save it for afterward.

Second: Use the microphone properly.

People unaccustomed to microphones will often speak into the mic, and get scared by the sound of their own voice over the PA system – so they hold it farther away so they don’t hear their amplified voice. Unfortunately, neither can anyone else, and making your voice louder is sort of the whole point.

Here is a list of simple tips from our Party Machine Entertainment Facebook page, followed by a few comments:

Using a Microphone is easy.

Third: Plan what you will say.

This is one of the Microphone rules above, but bears repeating. There is nothing wrong with having notes to refer to. 3″ x 5″ cards are perfect. A recent Best Man at a wedding had his toast on his iPhone:

It's OK to use notes on your phone!

And finally: Brief is best.

Long toasts are boring, no matter how eloquent. Get ‘er done, while their drinks are still cold!

For more information on how to write a good toast, call me at Party Machine Celebrations at 817-688-2665. Much has been written about toasting and public speaking, and we have an extensive library.