Hot Bridesmaids, But The Ring Bearer Is A Dog!

In Weddings! by djscottshirley

Every woman who has been a bridesmaid knows the Prime Directive:

Thou Shalt Not Steal The Bride’s Fire!

So the prevailing theory is that bridesmaid dresses must be…well, less attractive than the Bride’s gown, if not downright ugly. And they often end up in a closet, never to be worn again. “27 Dresses” is every young girl’s nightmare.

A trend these days is to have different styles of bridesmaid dresses, while maintaining the bride’s color scheme. Some styles are less flattering than others. But they all have one thing in common: to downplay the attractiveness of the attendants, while focusing attention on the bride and emphasizing her beauty.

But…what if a member of your wedding party is a real DOG?

Yes, the Ring Bearer was a real dog!

Including a beloved pet in your wedding is very popular, and a wide variety of canine formalwear is readily available.

If your special wedding plans include your dog, please contact Party Machine Celebrations to discuss your ideas! We specialize in unique, personalized weddings, and love dogs.