17) Don’t “Just Do it,” Do It Well!

In 35 Things Learned in 35 Years by djscottshirley

35 Things Learned in 35 Years # 17

While there is virtue to be found in Nike’s “Just Do It” slogan, and Larry the Cable Guy tells us to “Git ‘er done,” that’s not good enough in my business.

In fact, “good enough” is fightin’ words at PM Celebrations! Clients don’t hire us to be merely adequate, our customers count on us to do our job exceedingly well. They have a valid reason to expect more than a minimal approach from the most experienced business in the field. I believe it is their right!

Master Yoda said it best in The Empire Strikes Back:


We work to find creative solutions, embrace new ideas, and to get things done for our clients – to exceed expectations, because “good enough” isn’t.

Do, or do not; There is no “try.”